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This is where you're going to hear a bit from the real me.  I'll tell you my Havening story so far and update it with news and interesting information as my journey progresses.  

MARCH 2024

I am working through my training to become a Certified NLP Practitioner.  The training has been SO interesting - I have already incorporated some new techniques into my sessions with great success.  During the training I experience the techniques myself and I'm enjoying some personal improvements as a result.  (A great side effect of all of this training)  One in particular has been really helpful for me and my weight loss clients - dealing with cravings.  If you'd like to know more and experience this for yourself, please get in touch.


I've just completed my second training session with the amazing Ulf Sandstrom.  He's an expert on Clean Communication.  Today's session focussed on clean "distractions".  The whole premise of Clean is to ensure that the practitioner is using neutral language to ensure that the other person can freely and fully express themselves without any influence - and to engage playfully.  It's been very interesting and I will be practising the concepts in my sessions.


During my recent training with Dr Steve he Havened me to resolve an issue I have with chronic pain resulting from an accident 42 years ago.  Within about 20 minutes, using Havening Techniques, the pain was resolved.  I'm writing this 48 hours after the experience and the pain is still absent.  This is the amazing power of Havening.  


Havening first came into my awareness many years ago when using a Paul McKenna hypnosis course.   


In late 2022 I approached a friend who was using the tapping technique (very successfully) to resolve the effects of traumatic memories.  I asked her if she could help me use the same technique to help me lose weight.  She said she couldn't, but she knew of a Havening Practitioner (Dr Jason Stanley) who was asking for volunteers to take part in a weight loss study he was running. 


I was lucky enough to get a place on the trial and my journey with Havening really started there.  The course was very interesting and I experienced some of the techniques, which had a good effect on me.  When his course finished, I wanted more and I approached Steven Travers in Dublin to help further. 


I was so impressed with what I'd experienced with Havening after working with Jason and Steven that I signed up to train with Steven to become a Havening Practitioner myself.   I did my basic training in November 2023 and completed 30 case studies, passed a science exam and my certification was granted by HQ in New York in January 2024.  


Since qualifying, I have attended as many courses as I can - there are loads on offer - to expand and cement my knowledge and experience.  Most of the training courses give ample opportunities for us to practise on each other and receive feedback from experienced trainers.   We have monthly training sessions with Dr Steve who gives his time so generously.


I was so keen to learn more that I did the foundation certification training again in February 2024.  This time with Dr Steve Ruden, one of the two brothers who originally discovered the Havening Techniques twenty years ago and refined them into the modality we have today.   I have had a number of opportunities to witness Dr Steve and Dr Ron Havening and it is mind blowing what they can achieve in a short space of time.  I've had Havening sessions myself with Dr Steve and I'm not exaggerating when I say he's changed my life.  

The original Technique was designed to resolve the effects of traumatic memories (called "Event Havening").  We now have seven different Havening protocols and studies are continuing to expand the applications of Havening into new areas, which is very exciting.  There are a number of other very experienced practitioners who are doing their own research and protocol variations are being offered to us when the results are proven.


There are over 1,000 practitioners around the world and numbers are growing.  It's a very exciting time to be involved in Havening.  


If you'd like more information, please visit  

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