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I found the session interesting because I hadn't heard of the technique before, but found the connection of physical and emotional quite interesting.  It reminded me of the little I know about CBT and I look forward to reading more about it as the research grows.


The session that you ran felt safe and you listened carefully and offered relevant suggestions.  I felt comfortable throughout and, despite addressing some sad memories I left the session feeling content and comfortable.


Thank you so much Sue I really appreciate your time! You are brilliant at this!


Sue has a delightful energy and way of being that made the process very comforting. I am in such gratitude for Sue and our time together.


The session was amazing and even online, it felt as if I was with you. You are great at putting someone at ease. I feel calmer with my memories and as if I have a bit of closure.


I thought you did a great job of guiding me through the process and explaining the science behind it, and I am fascinated by how effective Havening is given how simple the techniques are.


The physiological terror I felt when we started is gone. I am not experiencing being cowed or silenced in my renegotiated memories nor in my current relationships, instead I feel a sense of playfulness.  I'm grateful and a bit stunned when I think of the changes in such a short time.


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